Deboned / Mesrine

by Deboned

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(free) 01:30


Released on 7" vinyl by Bringer Of Gore Records.

322 copies on black vinyl
56 copies on purple
57 copies on blue
57 copies on emerald green
57 copies on army green


released June 9, 2015

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jack Moose
Cover artwork by Kyle Messick.



all rights reserved


Deboned Saguenay, Québec

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Track Name: Ol Johnny Had An Inbred Child
Ol’ Johnny had an inbred child cause he fucked with his cousin
It all happened at some party his uncle was throwing
They didn’t wanted their family to see their sudden love
so they quickly slip outside and they fucked into the farm

Few months later his cousin gave Ol’ Johnny a call
she told him that the condom might had broken after all

Now they are both secretly waiting for the child to come
and what a damn surprise when they saw he was deformed
only one eye, no freaking nose and missing legs and arms
this baby was a freak and Johnny wish he was stillborn

few months later he took an axe and plant it into the child’s head
now what the fuck will Johnny say now that his son is fuckin dead?

Despised by them all – Still he didn’t tell
In prison for life – Johnny rot in jail!!!
Track Name: Put Wings On Pigs
woke up this morning and I killed my fucking wife
stab my damn neighbor to death with a kitchen knife
took my gun from my drawer and grew some fucking balls
hijacked a random car and crashed it right into a wall

robbed a bank - killed my friends
committing crimes until I die

I took my gun and shot a cop - that's what I came to do
now the pigs are after me and I'll even make the news
stupid donuts eaters - I'll make you fucking pay
I came to kill and slaughter all of them stupid pigs today

shot to death - in the head
in the street for all to fucking see....

gunned down by the fucking cops
I bathe in my fucking blood
but y'all remember my name
I put wings on pigs today
Track Name: Humungus
Lord of death – Masked threat
Mutant beast – Radiated freak

Humungus will shred your fate
Mutilate your fuckin’ face
Blood leaks into the sand
as your life ends in the wasteland

Marauders – Murderers
Brutal force – No remorse

Humungus will shred your fate
Mutilate your fuckin’ face
Blood leaks into the sand
as your life ends in the wasteland