Deboned / Striver

by Deboned

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Released on 7" vinyl by D7I Records, Sick Phoque Records, Bonobo Stomp, LEMORT Records, Doomsday Machine Records & Morgue Ritual Records.

Limited to 300 Copies
Play it loud.


released September 26, 2014

Engineered by Jean-René Cloutier-Ménard
Mixed and Mastered by Jack Moose



all rights reserved


Deboned Saguenay, Québec

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Track Name: As You Bathe In Flames
Drenched in gas - Seal your fate
Innocent victim set ablaze
Melting face - Boiling Brain
Facial features all erased
consume til your turn to waste
twitching as you bathe in flames!!

Crepitating flesh the only sound
Blackened blood covers the ground
charred flesh - your head is split
Extinguish the fire with my piss
Track Name: Gloomy Grave Robbing Ghouls
unholy stalkers of death, graves they will defile
gloomy hungry flesh-eaters creeping in the night
undead hellish creatures feast on your remains
tear your corpse to pieces, eat your fucking brain

they disembowel your rotting corpse as maggots eats your face
blood is drooling from their lips, ugly fiends of hate
the cemetery is drench in gore, guts and body parts
Pieces scattered everywhere, your whole body is ripped apart

they'll take you back to hell, satan will is theirs
you'll end up burning, frying, tortured then fucking impaled

rampant ghouls - empty tombs
satan rapes your fucking soul
Track Name: Intense Toilet Worship
Disguised as a janitor - An unclean bowl is what I seek
Someone forgot to flush and I recognize this putrid reek
Grabbing knife and fork - my tongue will clean this piss soaked seat
Its on your shit that I will feast cause I'm a toilet preaching freak

I'm also a shit eater - only your poop satisfies me
My disgusting deviance - for no one to ever see
It warms my sicko's heart when I drink your tasteful pee
Intense toilet worship - shit is what I freaking need
Track Name: It Breeds In The Sewers
Underneath the city streets - A creature that no one needs
Deep within this reeking pit - A vulgar spawn of piss and shit

It breeds in the sewers

Its offspring raised from the sewage - It never stops to procreate
Endlessy giving birth - soon they'll crawl into the earth

It breeds in the sewers