Deboned / Existench

by Deboned

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Split 7" vinyl released on Outrageous Defecation Records, Morgue Ritual Records, Everydayhate Records & Grindfather Prods.


released May 21, 2015

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jack Moose.
Artwork by Ryanimator.
Drippy logo by Anthony Pineault-Simard



all rights reserved


Deboned Saguenay, Québec

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Track Name: Fuckin Melt!
Deadly squirt - Burning pain
Morbid death - Dripping face

Acid thrower - Fucking mad
Fucking melt - Fucking die

Bubbling brain - Exterminate
Popping eyes - Deteriorate

Acid shot to the face - Skin bubbles and swell
Shout in agonizing pain - Your face fucking melt
Facial skin begins to fall - Cranium starts to show
Peeling off your face as acid feast upon your skull
Track Name: Decaying Rotten Insides
Pus-filled popping sores - Putrid reeking slush
Yellowish organic sauce - Leaking from your skull

Organs decomposes - Repulsive stench of rot
Coffin’s fill with juice - from your liquefying corpse
Track Name: Father Williams Hung Himself/Nightmarish Rotten World
Father Williams hung himself
He hung himself for the gates of Hell
This town's now fill with the rotting stench
The stench of zombies rotting heads

Putrid zombies hunting flesh
Undead creatures bringing death
Smell the zombies foul breath

Brought back by an unholy force
Undead smelly walking corpse
Feast on you with no remorse

Fearless monsters on the streets
Bloodthirsty cannibal freaks
Human brain is what they seek
Gates of hell spawning blood fiend

Rising out of their graves
Preying on man - Hunting for brains
Eating your fucking face
chasing your ass until you fucking die!!
Track Name: Casket Crushing Collector
Creeping through the fuckin' graveyard
Looking for a rotten corpse
Smashing through your coffin's lid,
I reach out for your fuckin' bones

Take you to my basement, I filled it with the dead
Decomposing faces rotting on the shelves
I delight in the foul stench cause only death is real
My sickening addiction, collecting the deceased
Track Name: March Of The Faceless Freak
Disgusting monster hanging on the hood today
He stench like shit and greenish pus drips from his face
His skin is bubbling and his body's half-decayed
The neighborhood is in terror. Please go away!

Wobbling on the pavement, slime drips at his feet
A trail of pus follows him but what does he seek?
You'll freeze with fear when you see his ugly grin
But killing people doesnt seem to be his thing

His bubbling skin
His stench of shit
The faceless freak

Old redneck neighbor took out his gun and shot the freak
Monster's brains spills everywhere into the street
Pus and blood is flowing from his dying corpse
And no one will ever know where this fiend comes from